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Charles Sucsan

Charles Sucsan                                                   

Artiste en art visuel    132, rue du Parc, Verchères, QC, J0L 2R0 

Tel : 1 450-281-1429  Email c.sucsan@videotron.ca  www.sucsan.com


Thoughts on the purpose of art in our time


For me as an artist in visual art, expressing in material different thoughts on beauty or any other subject, it is the way of life. Of course, any creation coming out of the mind will live if it is shared with others, therefore showing and exhibiting the artist work is a must. The appreciation by others will depend on so many factors, but mainly on the cultural background of the spectators and in our ‘multiculturalists’ society, this has a tremendous impact on orienting the artiste in his choice of subject. Therefore, the originality, the uniqueness of expression is a must, other way it become decorative items. Favourable reaction could come from the same culturally educated peoples as that of the artist’s; even so, the artistic value order can be widely different from one person to the other. This is why the difficulty for an artist to have a consensus on his thoughts expressed in a form of art, but when that happens, the glory is not so far.

During my carrier I always struggled with my concepts and those of the society in which I evolve in creating work of art, because if what I doo is not appreciated, it is like screaming in the desert. So, I have to find a common language of understanding the image, hoping my feeling can be shared throughout the work of art. Once this is done my ideas can be added to the work of art mixed in the beauty, the composition, the colors, the designee etc. My paintings contain all these precepts and I can say happily that a lot of buyer of my art enjoys discovering all the subtle idea hided in my paintings and drawings.

With time the real artistic value of my art will emerge constantly and some taboo will fall because the expression of ideas of my time has been immortalised. This is why, it become valuable for future generation. 

But the most interesting part in theses endeavours is the direct human contact of the artist with buyers of his work in which the spiritual communication of the art is accomplished. This part of life can’t be valuated monetarily. It is the most beautiful part of life!


Charles Sucsan


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